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Warden of the Mesarthim
Blood-consort of the Rephaim
Vital statistics
Full name: Arcturus Mesarthim
Status: Alive
Residence: Sheol I
Home: Netherworld
Nickname: Warden
Species: Rephaite
Clairvoyance type: Oneiromancer
Gender: Male
Height: 6'9
Hair color: Ash-brown
Eye color: Chartreuse
Skin color: Dark
Significant other/s: Paige Mahoney
Allies: The scarred ones
Paige Mahoney
Michael Wren
Terebell Sheratan
Pleione Sualocin
Enemies: Nashira Sargas
Allegiance: Ranthen
Paige Mahoney
Terebell Sheratan
First appearance: The Bone Season
"Do not labour under the illusion that I am a bastion of moral goodness, Paige. That would be a dangerous endeavour."

Arcturus Mesarthim, also known by his title of Warden, was Paige Mahoney's Rephaite keeper in Sheol I, where he was stationed at the Residence of Magdalen. He was blood-consort to Nashira Sargas and Warden of the Mesarthim family until the Bicentenary of 2059. Along with Terebell Sheratan and several other members of the Ranthen, Arcturus was one of the masterminds behind the two Bone Season uprisings. A few weeks following the voyants' escape, after being held prisoner by the Rag and Bone Man in the Camden Catacombs, he supported Paige in her attempt to gain control of the Unnatural Assembly and helped her secure the Ranthen's patronage to fund a revolution against Scion. Arcturus is an oneiromancer, a type of clairvoyant that uses salvia divinorum to access a person's memories.



Very little is known about Warden's past. It can be assumed that he, like the other Rephaim, originally came from the Netherworld to Earth in 1859. Along with several other Rephaim, the "scarred ones", he was responsible for the uprising of Bone Season XVIII, a crime for which he and his allies were tortured by the Sargas family. He was betrothed to Nashira Sargas and became her blood-consort at some point prior to the uprising.


The Bone SeasonEdit

Paige first sees Arcturus during the oration for Bone Season XX, where he is waiting with several other Rephaim, including Nashira. When human tenants are chosen, Arcturus chooses Paige, the first time he has ever selected a human. She returns with him to the Residence of Magdalen, where he instructs her to call him by his ceremonial title of Warden.

Physical appearanceEdit

Like all Rephaim, Warden is very tall, standing at 6"9', and has chartreuse eyes when he hasn't fed on aura. His skin is dark honey gold and his hair is ash brown in color. He has a strong jaw and bow shaped lips. Paige describes him having "irises like flame behind stained glass".


Arcturus is the brightest star in the northern celestial hemisphere. In biblical form, it means "a gathering together."

The origin of Mesarthim is unknown, but it is the name of a triple star system.



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