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Unreadables are a type of fury that are subject to internal change when connecting with the æther, typically to the dreamscape. It is very difficult to read the aura of an unreadable. They are impenetrable by spirits and without a power of their own.


Unreadables always started as a different type of voyant. Becoming unreadable is, seemingly, the only way for a clairvoyant to change orders. An unreadable is created when a traumatic event forces a clairvoyant's dreamscape into total collapse. It is a similar phenomenon to spirit shock. However, unlike spirit shock, the voyant's dreamscape regenerates after collapsing, but with a thick armor that no spirit can penetrate. This makes them invulnerable to spirit attack and possession, but at the expense of his or her previous abilities. As an aura still remains, they may still use spiritual combat and sense spirits. The Unreadable is classified as a fury because their "power" involves a transformation.

Known Unreadables[]