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The Unnatural Assembly is the collective term for all thirty-six mime-lords and mime-queens in London's clairvoyant syndicate.


Each member is part of a Cohort, with London having six Cohorts. Within each Cohort are six sections, or territories. Each section is led by a mime-lord or mime-queen, who then answer to the Underlord or Underqueen. An example would be Jaxon Hall, also known as The White Binder, who is the mime-lord of I-4, or I Cohort Section 4.

Known gangs in London are the Seven Seals (I-4), the Underbodies (I-1), the Crowbars, the Threadbare Company, the Nightingales (I-2), and the Rag Dolls (II-4).

Any member of the syndicate is entitled to send a summons to the Underlord or Underqueen so they can call the Assembly.

On November 1, 2059, the fourth scrimmage to pick the next ruler of the syndicate occurred. Paige Mahoney won the title of Underqueen and reformatted the Unnatural Assembly as the Mime Order.[1]

Members in 2059[]

I Cohort[]

  1. Haymarket Hector (Underlord)
  2. The Abbess
  3. Mary Bourne
  4. The White Binder
  5. Ognena Maria
  6. Spring-heel'd Jack

II Cohort[]

  1. Jimmy O'Goblin
  2. The Glass Duchess
  3. The Ark Ruffian
  4. The Rag and Bone Man
  5. Bloody Knuckles
  6. The Wicked Lady

III Cohort[]

  1. The Bully-Rook
  2. The Mudlark Prince
  3. Madam Speaker
  4. The Fifth Sister
  5. Tom the Rhymer
  6. The Glym Lord

IV Cohort[]

  1. Redcap
  2. The Buried King
  3. The Pearl Queen
  4. Faceless
  5. The Lord Costermonger
  6. The Heathen Philosopher

V Cohort[]

  1. The Wretched Sylph
  2. The Faithful Raven
  3. Charley Truthteller
  4. The Guy
  5. Captain Card-Sharp
  6. The Ferryman

VI Cohort[]

  1. Seer Green
  2. The Hare
  3. The Lady of the Manor
  4. Slyboots
  5. Jenny Greenteeth
  6. The Winter Queen


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