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The Underqueen is the head of the Unnatural Assembly and mob boss of the clairvoyant syndicate in London. It is the female version of the Underlord. Equivalent terms in the voyant communities of Manchester and Edinburgh are Scuttling Queen and Spaewife respectively.


Tom Merritt, also known as Good Tom, worked with his lover, Madge Blevins, to unite the clairvoyants of London. They divided the citadel into sections, created the black market, and gave each clairvoyant a job. The most committed were raised to positions of power, becoming the first mime-lords and mime-queens. In 1964, he declared his work was done and announced that he was Underlord and Madge would be his faithful mollisher. They were killed in a freak accident twelve years later.

Past Underlords/Underqueens[]

  • Thomas Ebon Merritt: the first Underlord, ruled from 1964-1976
  • The Golden Baroness: the first Underqueen, ruled from 1976-1980
  • The Silver Baron
  • Jed Bickford
  • Haymarket Hector
  • The Abbess
  • Paige Mahoney