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The Underhand is Haymarket Hector's bodyguard. He is a member of the Underbodies gang. His power is unknown.


The Pale Dreamer[]

As Nick Nygård and Paige Mahoney arrive at Farringdon station looking for the poltergeists Sarah Metyard and Anne Naylor, they are confronted by Hector and his gang. Hector wants to "welcome" Paige to the syndicate by beating her up. As the two sides begin fighting, they disturb Anne. Her sudden appearance allows Nick and Paige the chance to escape.

The Mime Order[]

When Hector and the Underbodies corner Paige on a street corner, Hector allows the Underhand to beat up Paige for trying to make Hector summon the Unnatural Assembly. He punches her in the face and then twice in the stomach. When she falls to the ground, he gives her a few kicks, then spits on her before following Hector.

He, along with the rest of the Underbodies and Hector, are murdered in September 2059. When Paige arrives at Hector's townhouse, she discovers his body and the bodies of the other Underbodies, minus Cutmouth. The Underhand's body is beside Hector, guarding him till the end. The rest of the gang has been arranged in pairs.

Physical Description[]

The Underhand is enormous and strong.


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