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The Seven Seals is a clairvoyant gang in the criminal underworld of Scion London. It is led by the infamous mime-lord Jaxon Hall. The gang's name comes from the name for their territory, Seven Dials, which is the center of I Cohort Section 4, or I-4.


Jaxon Hall founded the gang. He chose Seven Dials as their headquarters due to its location in the center of the Cohort. The gang's territory includes Covent Garden's black market. Their base is Jaxon's house, The White Binder's Den. Jaxon is a strict and demanding boss. He doesn't let his gang have relationships because they are supposed to be completely devoted to him. They are only allowed to spend one night with a person.

Jaxon founded the gang with Nicklas Nygård. Nick serves as his mollisher, or second-in-command. He hired Eliza Renton after she responded to his famous pamphlet On the Merits of Unnaturalness. Paige Mahoney was recruited by Nick and joined the gang in 2056 when she was sixteen. A few months later, Jaxon offers Paige the position of mollisher after Nick wishes to give it up, which she accepts. Paige's arrival is followed by Nadine Arnett, Ezekiel Sáenz, and Danica Panić.

Each time a new member proves themselves, Jaxon gives them one of the sundial faces on the central pillar to mark their place in the Seven Seals.

On November 1, 2059, as a result of the fourth scrimmage, the Seven Seals were disbanded due to Paige's public challenge to Jaxon. Nadine and Zeke stayed at Jaxon's side, while Nick, Eliza, and Dani sided with Paige.[1]



  • Four of the Seven Seals are named for the Horsemen of the Apocalypse: the White Binder (Conquest, the white rider), the Red Vision (War, the red rider), the Black Diamond (Famine, the black rider), and the Pale Dreamer (Death, the pale rider).


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