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The Rag and Bone Man is the secretive mime-lord of II-4 Cohort, also known as Camden. He operates an underground operation known as the Grey Market. No one knows who the Rag and Bone Man is, except for his immediate allies, including the Abbess. It is unknown what his power is.


The Bone Season[]

The name of his gang is the Rag Dolls.

The Mime Order[]

The Rag and Bone Man's mollisher is La Chiffonnière, and she rules Camden in his name.

Paige Mahoney is able to use the golden cord to find Warden, who is being held captive by the Rag and Bone Man.

Following the scrimmage, Ivy Jacob tells her story before the Unnatural Assembly. She explains that she was once mollisher to the Rag and Bone Man, who was selling voyants to Scion through the Grey Market. Several mime-lords and mime-queens, including Haymarket Hector and the Abbess, were involved in this trafficking ring. When Ivy tried to expose it, the Rag and Bone Man sent her to Sheol I, along with those she had unknowingly helped put there.

The Grey Market is disbanded, but the the Rag and Bone Man has escaped justice and his whereabouts are unknown.

The Song Rising[]

While imprisoned in the Archon, Paige learns that the Rag and Bone Man killed Haymarket Hector on Jaxon Hall's orders.

Physical Description[]

No one knows what he looks like.


The Rag and Bone Man is exceptionally violent, even for a mime-lord. He's also incredibly secretive.