This article is about the organization. You may be looking for the book, The Mime Order.

The Mime Order, previously known as the Unnatural Assembly, is a group of clairvoyants who are made up of the entire syndicate of SciLo. They hold trials for those in question. The current ruler is the Underqueen, Black Moth, starting in 2059.



Hector's ruleEdit

After Haymarket Hector became Underlord, the syndicate fell apart. The Assembly began meeting less and less, and whenever they did have a meeting they were often a mess.

Previous Underlords/UnderqueensEdit

Members of 2059 Edit

I Cohort Edit

II Cohort Edit

III Cohort Edit

  • The Bully-Rook
  • The Mudlark Prince
  • Madam Speaker
  • The Fifth Sister
  • Tom the Rhymer
  • The Glym Lord

IV Cohort Edit

  • Redcap
  • The Buried King
  • The Pearl Queen
  • Faceless
  • The Lord Costermonger
  • The Heathen Philosopher

V Cohort Edit

  • The Wretched Sylph
  • The Faithful Raven
  • Charley Truthteller
  • The Guy
  • Captain Card-Sharp
  • The Ferryman

VI Cohort Edit

  • Seer Green
  • The Hare
  • The Lady of the Manor
  • Slyboots
  • Jenny Greenteeth
  • The Winter Queen