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The Abbess is the mime-queen of I-2. She is a physical medium. Her real name is unknown.



The Abbess is the founder of the largest night parlor in London. Her gang is known as the Nightingales. Her mollisher is the Monk.

The Bone Season[]

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The Mime Order[]

The Abbess is present after the auction at the Juditheon Paige attends after returning to being Jaxon's mollisher. Her mollisher has purchased a spirit known as Edward Badham. She has been repeatedly asking Maria if any of her voyants are interested in becoming nightwalkers for her. She also asks Paige if she is interested. Paige immediately declines.

When Haymarket Hector and his entire gang are killed, she names herself as interm Underqueen until a scrimmage can be held. She calls a meeting of the Unnatural Assembly to discuss what has happened. She has Paige tell her story about the night Hector died. She then declares her innocent until proven guilty based on Jaxon's assurance. She informs the Assembly that she will begin searching for Cutmouth. Before dismissing everyone, she also says that Grub Street will organize the scrimmage, including maintaining the ledger of contestants.

The Abbess initially tries to befriend Paige until she starts nosing around. The Abbess has been secretly working with the Rag and Bone Man as part of the Grey Market.

After the scrimmage, Ivy Jacob tells her story before the Unnatural Assembly. She reveals the Abbess' part in the Grey Market. Her corruption exposed, the Abbess tries to kill Paige, but is shot dead by other members of the Unnatural Assembly.

Physical Description[]

The Abbess is tall and slim with thick chestnut hair sculpted in waves. She has light brown skin, a long nose, slender eyebrows, and a red feather of a smile. She dresses in expensive tailored suits and wears a matching hat and gloves. Her voice sounds like a match being struck. She has bluish marks staining the skin under her eyes, making her look gaunt with exhaustion. She has the sort of dreamscape that calls out for spirits to seize control of her.


While kind enough, the Abbess definitely has a firm hand. She is friends with Hector, but still knows he is an "insufferable buffoon."[1] She pretends like she hates the Rag and Bone Man, but they are actually allies.



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