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"Terebell has always been a harsh judge of the human race."

Terebellum "Terebell" Sheratan (pronounced: TEAR-ah-bell SHARE-ah-tan) is the Rephaite sovereign-elect of the Ranthen. She was one of the architects of the unsuccessful rebellion of Bone Season XVIII.



Terebell is Warden's oldest friend and former mate before the Waning of the Veils. With him and several other Rephaim, they orchestrated an uprising of the clairvoyant human slaves during Bone Season XVIII. However, one of the humans betrayed them by telling Nashira Sargas about the plan in exchange for his freedom. All the humans were fed to the Emim, and the Rephaim involved, including Terebell, were tortured by one of Nashira's poltergeists. The torture left painful scars on their bodies, giving them the name "the scarred ones."

Terebell no longer formally holds the title of Warden under Sargas law. However, in her opinion, she is the rightful Warden of the Sheratan, because the Mothallath bestowed that title on her. Nashira revoked it after the civil war.

The Bone Season[]

Terebell continues to be a friend and ally of Arcturus. While the Rephaim are living in Sheol I, her residence is the Residence of Oriel. She is the keeper to at least two humans, including Carl Dempsey-Brown. At Warden's request, she protects Paige Mahoney in Sheol I when she was stealing supplies. Terebell also helps with the rebellion.

The Mime Order[]

Terebell fled from Sheol I after the rebellion and has become a renegade with the other Ranthen. Terebell and Errai accost Paige. Terebell officially introduces herself as the leader of the Ranthen. She informs Paige about what happened after she left Sheol I. They want Paige to find Warden using her spiritual link with him, the golden cord. Terebell tells Paige that if she tells anyone about the golden cord, she will cut out her tongue. Before leaving, she gives Paige a bag of salt and a bag of poppy anemone.

Paige traces Warden to the Rag and Bone Man's den, where he is being held captive. They work to successfully free Warden.

Paige asks Terebell to give her the money she needs to publish The Rephaite Revelation. Terebell agrees to do so if Paige will win the scrimmage and ally the syndicate with the Ranthen. Paige agrees, but adds that she will need continued funding from the Ranthen in order to remodel the syndicate into an army. Terebell grudgingly agrees to provide it. Terebell orders Warden to train Paige for the scrimmage. Before they can start working together, Terebell requires Paige to deny the charge Nashira has spread about Warden and Paige being in a relationship. Even though it's true, Paige denies the charges.

After winning the scrimmage, Paige names Terebell as one of the high commanders of the Ranthen, and she is in charge of resources. She is the current Warden of the Sheratan.

The Song Rising[]

Terebell is hoping to forge an alliance with Adhara Sarin. She begins searching for her in the Netherworld, with the assistance of Mira Sarin and Errai Sarin. Upon finding Adhara, Terebell allows Warden and Lucida to return to support Paige.

Physical Description[]

Terebell is incredibly tall with chartreuse eyes, except for when she's fed on aura. Her irises are full of fire. She has deepest brown hair that ends at her broad shoulders. A long, elegant nose sweeps down from between slightly upturned eyes. Both her lips are spare, making her look disapproving. As with an Rephaite, it's impossible to tell how old or young she is. Her skin is a blend of silver and copper. Her irises are full of fire. Once she is no longer living in Sheol I, Terebell is dressed in modern day clothes instead of clothes from the monarchy days. She keeps a knife on her belt.


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  • "Terebell" was thought to be a pun of the word terrible.
  • Terebellum is a star in the constellation Sagittarius, also known as the Archer.



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