Terebell Sheratan
Vital statistics
Full name: Terebell Sheratan
Status: Alive
Residence: Sheol I
Home: Netherworld
Species: Rephaite
Gender: Female
Allies: The scarred ones, Paige Mahoney, Warden
Enemies: Nashira Sargas, Emim
Allegiance: The scarred ones, Paige Mahoney, Warden
First appearance: The Bone Season
"Terebell has always been a harsh judge of the human race."

Terebellum "Terebell" Sheratan is the Rephaite sovereign-elect of the Ranthen. She was one of the architects of the unsuccessful rebellion of Bone Season XVIII and later assisted Paige Mahoney with the uprising of Bone Season XX. During her time in Sheol I, she lived at the Residence of Oriel and was keeper to at least two humans, including Carl Dempsey-Brown. She fled from the colony after the rebellion and became a renegade. At the behest of her friend and ally Arcturus Mesarthim, she agrees to provide Paige with money to reorganize the Unnatural Assembly and create a revolutionary army.



Terebell and Warden were two of several other Rephaim to cause an uprising during Bone Season XVIII. After one of the humans betrayed them by telling Nashira Sargas their plan in exchange for his freedom, all the humans who were involved were fed to the Emim, and the Rephaim were tortured by the Sargas family and called "the scarred ones."


Terebell is an ally of Warden and protected Paige Mahoney when she infiltrated the House. She and Arcturus (also known as [the] Warden) used to be lovers, or 'mates' as the Rephiam call such relationships. "a long time ago"- prior to the Waning of the Veils.


  • "Terebell" was thought to be a pun of the word terrible.

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