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The syndicate is a criminal organization of clairvoyants, based in the Scion Citadel of London. Active since the early 1960's and governed by the Underlord or Underqueen and the Unnatural Assembly, the members specialize in mime-crime for financial profit.


Members of the syndicate are called syndies. While the syndicate may flout Scion law merely by existing, it has its own justice system. It's not an effective one, but there is one. One law, for example, is that it is illegal to steal spirits from other sections. Another law is that creating a rogue poltergeist is illegal. Moonlighting is also illegal in the syndicate. All voyant businesses are supposed to give a cut to their local mime-lord or mime-queen. This is called the syndicate tax. The syndicate allows a voyant to kill a busker or a fellow gang member, but they can't go against their own mime-lord or mime-queen or the Underlord/Underqueen. It's the syndicate's high treason. The First Code of the syndicate states that without sufficient proof, the word of an amaurotic is rotten.

To form a new gang in the syndicate, one must seek permission from the mime-lord or mime-queen of the section you are in. If they approve, then the Underlord or Underqueen would have to give their blessing as well. If you try to form a gang without following those rules, you'd be killed, as would anyone you employed.

About half of the syndicate members abandon their legal identities, giving themselves wholly to the underworld. But the other half still hold on to respectable jobs in Scion, forcing them to hide behind masks and aliases. It is rare for a syndicate member to be publicly unmasked. Thus it was a big shock to everyone when Didion Waite does it to Paige after Scion announces that she is public enemy number one.


  • The sign of respect in the syndicate is to touch three fingers to the forehead.