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Suhail Chertain (pronounced: SOO-hale KER-tan) is a Rephaim who is loyal to Nashira Sargas. He is Overseer of the harlies in Sheol I.



Suhail seems to wield no power or respect among the Rephaim. He is just a low-ranking brute.

The Bone Season[]

Suhail is the Rephaite who oversees the harlies. He is the keeper of David Carl, and Overseer Beltrame. He feeds on Paige Mahoney's aura before taking her back to Warden. Upon returning her to Warden, Suhail insists that Paige apologize to Warden. When she refuses, he cuffs her. When he starts to hit her again, Warden blocks him. He tells Suhail that he will deal with Paige in privacy.

The Mime Order[]

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The Song Rising[]

When Paige turns herself in to Scion, Suhail is her torturer. He waterboards her for multiple days. He also tortures her spirit by touching her forehead with a sublimed baton, which has the effect of a cattle prod on her spirit. He then feeds on her aura as he tortures her. When he can't keep himself from slapping her hard enough to knock her unconscious, he is removed from his role.

Physical Description[]

Suhail has the pale hair of the Chertan family. His voice "drips with an arrogance no mortal could attain."[1] He is incredibly tall with chartreuse eyes. After feeding on a human's aura, his eyes turn "the red of a moribund fire."[2] His dreamscape is ancient.


Suhail is cruel, arrogant, and sadistic. He clearly enjoys torturing Paige, and is upset that Nashira won't let him do any permanent damage to her body.


  • Suhail is a star in the constellation Vela, the Sails.



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