The Bone Season Wiki

Soothsayers are a type of clairvoyant that require ritual objects called numa to connect with the æther, which they often use to predict the future. They are Order One and their aura color is purple.


Soothsayers are the most common type of clairvoyant, along with augurs. And like augurs, they are the ones most likely to find themselves begging on the street in winter.



  • Catoptromancer: mirrors
  • Cottabomancer: wine
  • Crystallomancer: crystal ball/crystals
    • Margaritomancer: pearls
  • Hydromancer: water
    • Cryomancer: ice

Common soothsayers[]

  • Axinomancer: axes/hatchets
  • Bibliomancer: books
  • Cartomancer: cards
  • Cleromancer: casting lots
    • Acultomancer: needles
    • Aichomomancer: sharpened objects
    • Astragalomancer: dice
    • Cleidomancer: keys
  • Cyathomancer: cups
  • Macharomancer: knives/swords/similar long blades

Known Soothsayers[]

  • Haymarket Hector (macharomancer)
  • Knife-Grinder (macharomancer)
  • Felix Samuel Coombs (hydromancer)
  • Liss Rymore (cartomancer)
  • Elspeth Lin (cartomancer)
  • Ronald "Magtooth" Cranwell (cartomancer)
  • Alfred (bibliomancer)
  • Bramble Briar (axinomancer)
  • La Chiffonnière (acultomancer)
  • Hari Maxwell (cottabomancer)
  • Duckett (catopromancer)
  • Charles (cryomancer)
  • Lem (cleidomancer)
  • Lotte (seer; unknown type)
  • Amelia (unknown type)
  • Carl Dempsey-Brown (unknown type)
  • Swan Knight (unknown type)
  • Tom Ebon Merritt (unknown type)