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Seven Dials is where seven streets come together, converging in a junction around a pillar in the West End of London. It is also the territory of The Seven Seals.


The pillar in the center of the junction has sundial faces at its summit. However, the pillar only has six sundials, not seven. The district had originally been designed with six streets, hence the absence of a seventh face. Local now think of the pillar itself as the missing dial. The dials have blue faces with golden engravings.

The headquarters of The Seven Seals gang is The White Binder's Den on Monmouth Street. Down the street is a cookshop called Chateline's. Behind Chateline's is Neal's Yard, a breakfast spot for the Seven Seals. The black market is an illegal hang out where the trade in the tools needed for clairvoyance occurs. Its entrance is opposite Covent Garden. Stuckeley Street is a concrete playground near the White Binder's Den where Nick trained Paige to fight and climb when she first joined the Seals. Piccadilly Circus contains the transmission screen for the section. Book Mews is the I-4 dead drop. Drury Lane is an abandoned music hall where Paige meets with Terebell and Errai.

Notable Locations[]

  • The White Binder's Den
  • Chateline's
  • Neal's Yard
  • The Garden Black Market
  • Covent Garden
  • Book Mews
  • Piccadilly Circus
  • Slingsby Place
  • Shaftesbury Avenue
  • Goodwin's Court
  • Stuckeley Street
  • Book Mews
  • Gile's Passage
  • Drury Lane

Notable Inhabitants[]