Sebastian Pearce
Vital statistics
Full name: Sebastian Albert Pearce
Status: Deceased
Born: c. 2044
Died: c. 2059 (aged 15)
Residence: Sheol I
Nickname: Seb
Species: Human
Occupation: Performer
Gender: Male
Parents: Unnamed father
Unnamed mother
Affiliation: Performers of Sheol I
Allies: Paige Mahoney
Enemies: Nashira Sargas
First appearance: The Bone Season

Sebastian Albert Pearce, also known as Seb, was the boy Paige Mahoney could not save. He was brought to Paige as her test for becoming a pink-jacket. Nashira Sargas asked Paige to kill Seb, but Paige could not do it; so, in turn, Nashira killed him herself.



"Sebastian Albert Pearce, be gone into the æther. All is settled. All debts are paid. You need not dwell among the living now. Good-bye."
—Paige Mahoney speaking the threnody for Seb.[src]

Seb's spirit was discovered to be the guardian of the padlocked door leading to the train station when Paige and everyone in Sheol I were escaping. Paige was able to convince him to open the door, and shortly after she released his spirit by speaking the threnody.


Sebastian is a Latin name that means "from Sebaste," which is derived from the Greek word for "venerable."

Pearce is a derivative of Piers, an Old French and Middle English form of Peter (rock).[1]