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"Sebastian Albert Pearce, be gone into the æther. All is settled. All debts are paid. You need not dwell among the living now. Good-bye."
—Paige Mahoney speaking the threnody for Seb; The Bone Season

Sebastian Albert Pearce, also known as Seb, is an amaurotic in Sheol I.


The Bone Season[]

Sebastian came from a privileged family. He was captured by Scion for unknown reasons and sent to the penal colony along with Paige and her fellow voyants. He was placed under Graffias Sheratan's control.

He was brought to Paige as her test for becoming a pink-jacket. Nashira Sargas asked Paige to kill Seb, but Paige could not do it; so, Nashira killed him herself.

Seb's spirit was discovered to be the guardian of the padlocked door leading to the train station when Paige and everyone in Sheol I were escaping. Paige was able to convince him to open the door, and shortly after she released his spirit by speaking the threnody.

Physical Description[]

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Sebastian is a Latin name that means "from Sebaste," which is derived from the Greek word for "venerable." Pearce is a derivative of Piers, an Old French and Middle English form of Peter (rock).[1]