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Scarlett Burnish is twenty-five years old, and is the youngest ever Grand Raconteur, who is the assistant of the Grand Inquisitor. She has pledged her voice and wit to Scion


The Bone Season[]

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The Mime Order[]

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The Song Rising[]

Paige Mahoney is shocked to discover that Scarlett Burnish is Alsafi's contact within the Archon. She helps Paige escape and tells her, Warden, Nick, and Maria about the Domino Programme. Scarlett smuggles the group to Dover, where she gets them on separate cargo ships on missions for the Domino Programme. She tells Paige that she will return to London to continue her work undercover.

Physical Description[]

She has clear skin and six-seater lips, and favors a thick red eyeliner. It matches her hair, which she usually wears in a chic Gibson tuck. When it's down, it ripples down to the small of her back. Her high-collared dresses always made Paige think of the gallows. Scarlet is always immaculately groomed and finely dressed. She always looks the same, "like some hellish automation."[1]


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