The Rephaim (Hebrew, רפאים), also called Rephs, are a powerful race from the Netherworld, who came to Earth in 1859. For two hundred years they have controlled Britain from Sheol I, a penal colony located in the city of Oxford. They are led by the Sargas family, which has two blood-sovereigns, Nashira and Gomeisa Sargas. Nashira is the Suzerain behind the puppet government of Scion.

Rephaim are biologically immortal humanoids, known to feed on the aura of clairvoyant humans. Their spoken history has been distorted, but they are thought to have been in the Netherworld for "time immemorial".[1] As a result of being immortal, Rephaim are unaffected by the passage of time and are never children. Instead, they emerge from the Netherworld fully formed. When Warden called Thuban a "child," he meant he was inexperienced, not because of his age in years.[2]

Physical appearanceEdit

Rephaim are tall and have chartreuse eyes. Their eyes change colour to reflect the aura of the person they're feeding on. Instead of blood, ectoplasm runs in their veins. Their immortal flesh is called sarx, which does not age and cannot be extensively harmed by amaurotic weapons.


The Rephaim were originally mediators between Earth and the æther, sending psychopomps to guide the spirits of dead humans into the Netherworld. However humans became so divided and fought so often that the ethereal threshold rose to dangerous levels. The Rephaite star-sovereign, Ettanin Mothallath, decided to send Rephaim into the physical world to lower it, against the counsel of the Sargas. After Azha Mothallath crossed the veil successfully, the Mothallath made a rule that they would never reveal themselves to humans, but this rule was broken and consequently the Waning of the Veils began. Clairvoyance entered the human world, the Emim appeared and Rephaim were no longer able to exist on æther. War began in the Netherworld and the Mothallath were defeated by the Sargas. Those who supported the Mothallath called themselves the Ranthen after the amaranth, but most declared loyalty to the Sargas after their defeat to save themselves.[1]

In the year 1859, the Rephaim and Emim came to Earth from the Netherworld. In exchange for protection from the Emim, the British government made a deal with the Rephaim that they would give them voyant slaves, thereby leading to the establishment of Scion.

Known RephaimEdit

There are at least seven Rephaite families:







  • Ettanin Mothallath (mentioned only)
  • Azha Mothallath (mentioned only)


Behind the scenesEdit

  • The Rephaim are all named after stars[3] and are mostly derived from Arabic and Hebrew.[citation needed]
  • Rephaim are mentioned in the Hebrew Bible, recognized as either iron giants or dead ancestors.