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Poltergeists are are the most feared of all types of spirits.


The poltergeist is a breacher that can make contact with the physical world, and leave physical wounds, which can hurt for the rest of a person's life if the poltergeist wills it. Poltergeists usually died violently, or have a vendetta that remains unfulfilled. If they were murderers, their spirit will often seek out the spirit of their victims. Amaranth is known to allay the pain of a poltergeist's mark. Poltergeists are rare in comparison to other spirits and hard to catch, thus they sell for a lot of money. They don't usually become violent unless they're disturbed. If they are disturbed, they tend to start visiting places that were important to them in life, as if they've been reminded that they're dead. When a poltergeist enters an area, they lower the temperature quickly and deeply.

Poltergeists have the ability to wield a weapon known as a phantom blade, a purely spiritual phenomenon. They can use it to inflict their own phantom sensations on victims, usually something they specialized in when they were alive. It's a particularly nasty breed of apport, the sort of ethereal energy commanded by breachers, which allows them to affect the physical world. It is, in essence, a supernumerary phantom limb.

Known Poltergeists[]

  • Anne Naylor
  • Sarah Metyard
  • The London Monster: He is bound to I-1. He walked the streets of London in the late eighteenth century and had a particular penchant for cutting up young ladies. His real name is Rhynwick Williams.