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Pleione Sualocin (pronounced: PLAY-oh-nee Swah-LOH-sin) is the first Rephaim Paige ever meets. Pleione is a member of the Ranthen.


The Bone Season[]

When Paige wakes in the Detainment Facility after suffering through flux. She is met by Pleione. When Paige refuses to take the pills Pleione hands her, Pleione slaps her. Paige then takes the pills and gets dressed in the clothes Pleione gives her. Pleione then takes her to another room where several more voyants, including Carl, Julian, Tilda, and Ivy, along with Sebastian an amaurotic, are waiting. The group is then led by Pleione to a room where Nashira Sargas is waiting.

Pleione is David's Keeper.

The Song Rising[]

Pleione and her mate Taygeta Chertan are sent by Terebell Sheratan to the crisis facility in the Beneath to help the Mime Order.

Physical Description[]

Pleione is very tall like all the Rephaim. She has yellow eyes.


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  • Pleione is the seventh brightest star in the Pleiades star cluster.