"For are we not vastly superior to them, we Unnaturals? For
though we pick the Bones of Society, though we crawl in
Gutters and beg for our Keep, we are living Conduits to the
World Beyond. We are Proof of an auxiliary Existence. We are
Catalysts of the ultimate Energy, the eternal Æther. We harness
Death itself. We unhorse the Reaper.
An Obscure Writer[src]

On the Merits of Unnaturalness, also known as On the Merits, is a pamphlet that was written by Jaxon Hall. It details his theory of the Seven Orders of Clairvoyance.

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The book listed every major voyant type that Hall had collected through his research. Hall identified the seven orders of clairvoyance: Soothsayer, Augur, Medium, Sensor, furies, Guardian, and Jumper. Hall had written that the last three were vastly superior compared to the other orders, which then caused major controversy amongst gangs.

In Paige Mahoney's copy of the book, Hall wrote his ideas and contact numbers in it.


When it was published, On the Merits quickly became highly popular in the clairvoyant community. While approved by many, On the Merits faced controversy from clairvoyants Hall had listed as the "lower" orders of the Seven Orders. This eventually led to gang wars that lasted for two years before Hall's publishers finally withdrew the pamphlet, although the grudges still lingered.


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