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Yoana Hazurova, better known as Ognena Maria, is the Bulgarian mime-queen of I-5, also known as Cheapside. She is a pyromancer, a type of augur.



In 2040, when Maria was fifteen, Scion invaded Bulgaria in what became known as the Balkan Risings. Along with her friend Hristo, she left her hometown of Buhovo and joined the youth army inn Sofia. That was where she met the resistance leader Rozaliya Yudina. Maria began rigorous training. It was the first time in her life she was free of her father and free to be who she truly was, Yoana Hazurova, not Stoyan Hazurovm the son her father never loved.

When ScionIDE approached, the rebels made their own cannon. They stole the guns of dead police, and they defended Sofia. The resistance lasted ten days before their country issued a surrender. Hristo fled to the Turkish border, but Maria is pretty sure he never made it. When she attempted to commit suicide to avoid being captured, the gun jammed. The soldiers captured her and beat her almost to death, then threw her into prison. Several years later, the new Grand Inquisitor of Bulgaria forced prisoners into heavy labor. Mario fled on a boat to Sevastopol and spent months traveling west, determined to find a large community of voyants. London's underworld embraced her.

The Pale Dreamer[]

Maria is waiting with Didion Waite when Paige Mahoney and Nicklas Nygård arrive in I-5. They are there to try and find the rogue poltergeist Sarah Metyard. Maria tells them that they can have the poltergeist Sarah is seeking, Anne Naylor, but she gets Metyard. Nick calls to check with Jaxon Hall about this agreement. He approves, but only if when Maria sells Metyard she gives him the chance to buy her privately instead of through an auction. Maria agrees.

As Nick and Didion go to discuss Metyard, Maria pulls Paige to the side. Maria tells Paige that being in the syndicate will toughen her up, but she shouldn't let it turn her to stone. She also tells Paige to stay humble and always question what she's told. She needs to remember what it's like to be an outsider and a nobody and to never look down on the people who end up at the bottom. If she keeps her mind open and looks out for the lowest people, she might find it repays her one day. Finally, Maria tells Paige that if she ever gets tired of Jaxon's bad temper, she can always come work for her.

The Mime Order[]

Maria is attending the auction at the Juditheon that Paige attends after returning to being Jaxon's mollisher. Maria welcomes her back after the auction finishes. She tells Paige that she is there because she desperately needs more spirits. Quite a few of the I-5 spirits have left recently. She also introduces Paige to the Abbess. Before leaving, Maria reminds Paige that there is always a place for her in I-5.

Maria attends the meeting of the Unnatural Assembly after the murder of Hector. The Abbess tasks her with searching for the origin of the red handkerchiefs that were found with the bodies of Hector's gang.

The Song Rising[]

After Paige is crowned Underqueen, she makes Maria high commander of I Cohort. She is also in charge of strategy for the syndicate.

Maria has been sent as an agent of the Domino Programme to Romania.

The Mask Falling[]

Coming soon...

Physical Description[]

Maria is olive-skinned with short auburn hair a notch too bright to be natural. Her face is dominated by dark eyebrows. She has dark, kohl-rimmed eyes. Her voice is husky with a light Bulgarian accent. Maria usually wears her hair slicked in a pompadour style.


Maria is always willing to give anyone a tongue-lashing, no matter who they are.