Novembertide is a festival celebrated in Scion, in commemoration of the founding of the first citadel of Scion. It is observed on 29 November, when the Scion Citadel of London was established.[1]


On 29 November 1929, the first Inquisitor, Ramsay MacDonald, founded the Scion Citadel of London.[2] Since then, Novembertide takes place annually on the same day.


Days leading to NovembertideEdit

Several weeks prior to Novembertide, on 8 November "November season" begins.[3] On this day, two unnatural criminals are beheaded by the Grand Executioner on the Lychgate.[4] Afterwards, families would gather in parlours and sing traditional Novembertide songs, such as "The Peal of Old Paul's," around the piano.[5]

Exchanging of giftsEdit

When Novembertide arrives, people exchange gifts, remembering how lucky they are to be a part of "the natural order."[6]