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Michael Wren is the clairvoyant servant of Warden. Michael was once a polyglot, but a traumatic event made him an unreadable. He is treated as an amaurotic by most of the Rephaim.



Michael was born a polyglot. His parents were terrified of his powers and tried to perform an exorcism on him. As a result, his dreamscape collapsed and he can hardly speak. At some point, Michael was "gifted" to Warden by Nashira Sargas. Warden taught him how to speak using sign language. He also taught Michael how to have an aura again. This has resulted in Michael feeling indebted to Warden, and becoming his loyal servant.

The Bone Season[]

Michael helped Paige Mahoney and Warden rebel against Nashira. Michael slips something into the red-jackets' wine at the Bicentenary to make sure they won't be at top performance during the revolt.

The Mime Order[]

Michael just barely escape from the Tower with the others after fleeing Sheol I. He jumps into the river and has not been seen since.

Physical Description[]

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Michael chooses his words very carefully. He is lovely and sweet-tempered.