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Liss Rymore is a cartomancer, a type of common soothsayer who predicts the future using tarot cards. She is one of the two contortionists in the Rookery in Sheol I, and becomes Paige Mahoney's closest friend.



Liss was born in the Scottish Highlands in 2036. Liss was never part of the syndicate. Her parents were too afraid to live in central Inverness because voyants aren't organized there. Her dad thought they should try their luck in SciLo. Unfortunately, they couldn't get hired by any mime-lords or mime-queens. When the money ran out, they had to busk. Liss was nine when she was arrested by the NVD. She spent four years in the Tower. They tortured her with waterboarding a few times to try and get her to tell them where her parents were. She never did.

She arrived at Sheol I as part of the Bone Season before Paige's. She was thirteen years old. Her Rephaite keeper was Gomeisa Sargas. He threw her out after she failed her first test. She was commanded to do a reading for one of the harlies. The Rephs thought he was a traitor and had tried to run. Liss knew this was true and that her reading would incriminate him, so she refuses to do it. Upon becoming a performer, she learns she has a special talent in aerial silks.

The Bone Season[]

Paige meets Liss on her first day in Sheol I. Liss immediately takes her under her wing and gives Paige advice about how to try and survive in the penal colony. Liss knows just about everyone in the Rookery. She tells Paige that she failed her test "by staying human."

When Paige visits Liss after getting her pink-jacket, Liss's face is swollen, her neck is bruised by fingers, and her shoulder is dislocated. Gomeisa didn't like the reading she gave him. Liss treats Paige's brand with a warm poultice. Julian is in Liss's tent as well. Liss tells them what she knows about Bone Season XVIII. She also tells them about her childhood and how she got arrested by the NVD when she was nine.

Gomeisa takes her to the Castle, which is the Detainment Center, and puts her in a cell. While waiting for Gomeisa to be ready for a reading, Liss gets a vision from Nick showing a picture of a phone. Afterwards, Liss tells Paige she thinks her friends are trying to reach her and tells her about the message she got. Liss expresses her feelings of foreboding to Paige and asks if she can do a reading for her, and Paige says yes.

Before Liss can show Paige the last card in her reading, three red-jackets come bursting in. A fight ensues between Liss, Paige, and Julian against the red-jackets, which include a former friend of Liss's, Kathryn.

Kathryn burns Liss's tarot cards, which is her numen. As a result, Liss begins to lose her aura and almost becomes an amaurotic. Warden gives Liss his last dose of amaranth to bring Liss out of spirit shock. Paige steals a Thoth deck of tarot cards for Liss. It's a different design than her old one, but it can still work as her numa.

After surviving spirit shock Liss has a new determination to survive. She is very active in rallying the harlies for the prison break. Paige sees her performing on the silks during the Bicentenary Celebration. Before making her escape for the train, Paige finds Liss's body. Gomeisa killed her so she couldn't escape. Paige speaks the threnody and Liss's spirit is freed.

The Mime Order[]

The authors of The Rephaite Revelation make Liss the main character as a tribute to her.

Physical Description[]

Liss has black hair that falls to the small of her back. While it is naturally straight, she usually curls it. Her eyes are small and very dark. She is a young woman with small, quick features. She wears red lipstick, and her clothes are in better condition than many of the other harlies. Her voice carries a burr. She has callused hands and battered knees from performing and practicing. She also has multiple bruises visible. She has a sylphlike build.


Liss is kind-hearted. She is the best at reading cards in her family. She can see visions, something no one else in her family can do. As a cartomancer, her aura is delicate, she is also full-sighted. Liss is the type of person who puts her friends' welfare above her own. She suffers every wrong against her with dignity.