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Liss Rymore is a longstanding resident of Sheol I, where she is the principal performer in the Rookery, specializing in aerial silks. Her Rephaite keeper was formerly Gomeisa Sargas until she failed her test. Along with Julian Amesbury, she becomes one of Paige Mahoney's closest friends and allies during her time in the penal colony. Liss was a cartomancer, a type of common soothsayer who predicts the future using tarot cards.



Liss was born in the Scottish Highlands in 2036.

The Bone Season[]

Kathryn burns Liss' tarot cards, which is her numen. As a result, Liss begins to lose her aura and almost becomes an amaurotic. Warden gives Liss his last dose of amaranth to bring Liss out of spirit shock. Warden and Paige are able to find her a new set of tarot cards just in time. Liss reads Paige's cards using the ellipse spread.

Physical Description[]

Liss has black hair that falls to the small of her back. While it is naturally straight, she usually curls it. Her eyes are dark.


Liss is kind-hearted. She is the best at reading cards in her family. She can see visions, something no one else in her family can do.