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Kraz Sargas (pronounced: Kraz SAR-goss) is a Rephaite from the Sargas family. He is the blood-heir of the Rephaim, heir apparent to the blood-sovereignty. He lives at the Residence of the Heir in the penal colony of Sheol I.


The Bone Season[]

Kraz was first mentioned when Warden and Paige Mahoney happened upon a wounded red-jacket outside the Rookery. Another red-jacket reported that the blood-heir was in charge of their battalion. Warden's reply—"I should have known"—implied that Kraz is often careless with his human charges. Kraz is the keeper of Kathryn. Paige first encountered Kraz in person in Tom Tower, where she was collecting supplies for her escape from the penal colony. When he began to feed on her aura, she used the pollen of the poppy anemone against him, causing his face to rot. She also shot him—ineffectively, however, as the Rephaim cannot be killed with guns or swords.

Physical Description[]

Kraz was described as having thick, brassy hair and hooded eyes, and similar in looks to his relative, Nashira Sargas. His eyes are chartreuse in their neutral state.


Kraz has a contemptuous view of human worth.


  • Kraz is the second-brightest star in the constellation Corvus, the Crow.