Jaxon Hall
Jaxon, Lala
The White Binder
Mime-lord of I-4
Leader of the Seven Seals
Vital statistics
Status: Alive
Born: 18th June 2011
Residence: Seven Dials, I-4,
Scion Citadel of London
Nickname: Jax
Species: Human
Occupation: Mime-lord
Clairvoyance type: Guardian: Binder
Gender: Male
Height: 6"0'
Hair color: Dark brown
Eye color: Blue
Organization: The Seven Seals
First appearance: The Bone Season
"And words, my walker – well, words are everything. Words give wings even to those that have been stamped upon, broken beyond all hope of repair."
―Jaxon Hall[1]

Jaxon Hall (18th June 2011 –), also known as the White Binder, is the eccentric leader of the London-based clairvoyant gang, the Seven Seals. He is Paige Mahoney's employer and the mime-lord of I Cohort, Section 4.

Jaxon has been trying to learn as much information as possible about clairvoyance and compiled a list of the major voyant types in On the Merits of Unnaturalness, a controversial pamphlet that divided clairvoyants into seven "orders". He was working on a new pamphlet, On the Machinations of the Itinerant Dead, that enumerated the kinds of spirit when he recruited siblings Zeke and Nadine.



Jaxon's parents were hanged by Scion when he was four years old, leaving him alone on the streets of London. He was soon picked up by three kidsmen, who made him steal from amaurotics in return for food.

When Jaxon was twelve, he began to experience severe itching under his skin, which caused him to scratch himself so violently that his kidsmen often sent him out to beg to attract sympathy for the wounds. One winter a woman stopped beside him and urged him to carve "a long-dead name". He went to Nunhead Cemetery and though he was unable to read or write, he cut his finger and copied the shapes of letters on a grave onto his skin using his own blood. He spent the night delirious, feeling Spirit dancing around him. This was when Jaxon first began to understand the nature of his gift as a binder. He sold the first spirit he bound and eventually left the kidsmen. It is implied that he returned to kill them.

Writing Edit

Jaxon began his research into clairvoyance after leaving the kidsmen and wrote On the Merits of Unnaturalness, which explained his theory on the Seven Orders of Clairvoyance. He met Alfred, a psycho-scout, who represented his work to the Spiritus Club, London's voyant publishing house. It was published in 2031 and caused gang wars that resulted in the vile augur being imprisoned in Jacob's Island.

Physical descriptionEdit

Jaxon is described as tall and fine-boned with pale lips and skin, and eyes "alive with a sort of agitated intelligence".


Jaxon is very sardonic, ruthless and money-hungry. He drinks absynthe freqeuently.


Jaxon is an English name meaning "God has been gracious; has shown favor".[2] Hall is a surname of English origin but has Scottish roots. It means "kind" and "forgiving".[3]