Ivy Jacob
The Jacobite
Vital statistics
Full name: Divya Jacob
Status: Alive
Born: 12th April 2037
Residence: II Cohort, Section 4
Home: Jacob's Island
Nickname: Ivy
Species: Human
Clairvoyance type: Augur: Chiromancer
Gender: Female
Height: 5'6"
Hair color: Blue
Eye color: Dark
Distinctive feature/s: Scarred arm
First appearance: The Bone Season
"I've always had a knack for trusting the wrong people."

Divya "Ivy" Jacob (12 April 2037 –), also known as the Jacobite, is a clairvoyant who was imprisoned in Sheol I with Paige Mahoney during Bone Season XX. Her Rephaite keeper was Thuban Sargas, who tortured and mistreated her. Ivy survived to escape the colony and later became a vital part of Paige's conflict with the Rag and Bone Man in The Mime Order, when her past as a syndicate member was revealed. She is a chiromancer, or palmist, a kind of vile augur.



Ivy grew up in Jacob's Island with her friend Chelsea Neves. She was raised by Wynn Jacob, the Island's healer. The pair escaped when Ivy was seventeen. While Ivy became the mollisher of The Rag and Bone Man and called herself the Jacobite, Chelsea became mollisher to Haymarket Hector and took the name Cutmouth. Once she realized what her mime-lord was doing in the grey market, Ivy tried to expose him. He found out and sent her to Sheol I.


The Mime OrderEdit

After the events of Bone Season XX, Ivy hides in Agatha's basement. She helps expose The Rag and Bone Man, but she must still stand a trial for her past crimes doing the dirty work for the mime-lord.

Physical descriptionEdit

Ivy is originally seen with electric-blue hair in a pixie cut, but it was shaved off by her keeper. She is of South Asian descent.[2] She is 5"6' and has dark eyes. She has a scar on her right arm where a tattoo was burned away.


Divya is an Indian name that comes from a Sanskrit word meaning 'divine' or 'divine brilliance'.[3]