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"I've always had a knack for trusting the wrong people."

Divya "Ivy" Jacob, also known as the Jacobite, is a clairvoyant who was imprisoned in Sheol I with Paige Mahoney during Bone Season XX. Her Rephaite keeper was Thuban Sargas, who tortured and mistreated her. She is a palmist, a kind of vile augur.



Ivy grew up in Jacob's Island with her friend Chelsea Neves. She was raised by Wynn Jacob, the Island's healer. The pair escaped when Ivy was seventeen. After working as a gutterling for Agatha, Ivy becomes the mollisher of the Rag and Bone Man and called herself the Jacobite.

The Bone Season[]

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The Mime Order[]

After the events of Bone Season XX, Ivy hides in Agatha's basement. Paige learns that Ivy was mollisher to the Rag and Bone Man, who was selling voyants to Scion in a trafficking ring called the Grey Market. When Ivy tried to expose what was happening, the Rag and Bone Man sent her to Sheol I along with those she had unknowingly helped put there.

When Paige comes to the group hiding in Agatha's basement with her idea for The Rephaite Revelation, Ivy is particularly unwilling to speak out about her experience in the colony. Her reluctance partly stems from her fear of the Rag and Bone Man, who she claims is particularly violent.

Ivy reveals to Paige that she knew Cutmouth when they were younger. She also tells Paige that Cutmouth actually hated Hector's guts and only pretended to love him.

Having been rescued by the Ranthen, Ivy tells her story before the Unnatural Assembly. She reveals the truth about the Rag and Bone Man, who his allies were, and how when she tried to expose the truth she was sent to Sheol I. While Ivy has helped expose the truth about the Grey Market, she still must stand trail for her crimes committed as the Rag and Bone Man's mollisher.

The Song Rising[]

Róisín and Paige make a plan to protect Ivy from the syndicate by having Ivy be the one to join the toshers in the Beneath, and then Róisín will volunteer to take her place. However, before Róisín could leave, it was discovered that Ivy had gone to join the toshers anyway. She left Paige a note saying, "You can't save us all, Paige."[2] Róisín went after her and they are together in the Beneath.

Physical Description[]

Ivy is originally seen with electric-blue hair in a pixie cut, but it was shaved off by her Keeper. She is of South Asian descent.[3] She is 5"6' and has dark, almost black, eyes. She has a scar on her right arm where a tattoo was burned away. She has narrow hips. After being imprisoned in Sheol I, Ivy has scars hatched into the smooth brown of her skin from her Rephaite Keeper. There's a missing tooth at the front of her mouth, thanks to Thuban Sargas. He fingers are noticeably bony, with knuckles raw with calluses.


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Divya is an Indian name that comes from a Sanskrit word meaning "divine" or "divine brilliance."[4]



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