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Gomeisa Sargas (pronounced: Go-MAY-sa SAR-goss) is the other blood-sovereign, and rules over the race of Rephaim with equal power to Nashira. However, due to his personal dislike for humans, he remains in the shadows and allows his "cousin" to be the figurehead of the Rephiam in the human world.



There are always two blood-sovereigns, one from each sex, and Gomeisa represents the male in this partnership. He is also Warden of the Sargas.

The Bone Season[]

Gomeisa was Liss Rymore's keeper.

The Mime Order[]

Terebell Sheratan tells Paige Mahoney that during the revolt, Nashira and Gomeisa barred themselves inside the Resident of the Suzerain, along with every loyal red-jacket that had not been killed, to wait out the destruction.

Gomeisa makes a speech to Paige in the Westminster Archon about how powerful the Sargas family is. He describes how their influence is "as deeply rooted as an anchor in the earth." Paige is not impressed, replying, "I'm a dreamwalker, Gomeisa. I recognize no anchor to this earth."

The Song Rising[]

Coming soon...

Physical Description[]

Gomeisa is the most disturbing in appearance of the Rephaim. While none of them look old, he has a bone structure that lends gravitas to his features, haunting them with cruel insight. Deep hollows lay beneath his prominent cheekbones. His eyes are pressed deep into his head, where they glow in their sockets. His eyes are chartreuse in color, except for when he's fed on aura.


Gomeisa is fond of metaphors. Although he's implied to speak in a cold, impassive voice, like most Rephaim, that doesn't stop him from being dramatic. Gomeisa's clairvoyance is like that of a poltergeist as he is able to wield "apport," which essentially gives him the abilities of telekinesis.


  • Gomeisa is a star in Canis Minor, the Little Dog.