Flux is a drug used against clairvoyants to weaken and inhibit their powers. The red-jackets and Rephaim use flux darts to capture clairvoyants.


AUP Fluxion 14 was developed as a collaborative project between the medical and military divisions of Scion. It produced a crippling effect called phantasmagoria, dubbed "brain plague" by embittered voyants, in which one would experience a vivid series of hallucinations, caused by distortions to the human dreamscape.


Flux doesn't leave your system, no matter how many times you vomit or use the restroom. It continues to circulate and get reproduced by your own cells until you are given an antidote.

Events with fluxEdit

  • Paige Mahoney was captured by the red-jackets with flux darts. She described flux as "hell." Her throat was "roasted," she hallucinated about dead flowers, and saw the room she was in was "twisted into a helix."