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Errai Sarin (pronounced: Eh-RYE SUH-reen ) is a Rephaite and a member of the Ranthen.


Errai and his kin did not volunteer as keepers for Bone Season XX. However he does have several tenants from the previous season in Sheol I, but he seldom saw them. He and ten of his cousins are aligned with the Ranthen.

The Mime Order[]

Errai and Terebell accost Paige Mahoney. They want Paige to find Warden using her spiritual link with him, the golden cord. She traces him to the Rag and Bone Man’s den, where he is being held captive. They successfully free Warden.

The Song Rising[]

Errai, along with Mira Sarin, is assisting Terebell Sheratan in searching the Netherworld for Adhara Sarin in the hopes of forging an alliance with her.

Physical Description[]

Errai is as tall as Warden and "lean as a knife." He is bald and has wide-spaced eyes and the silver sarx of the Sarin family, described as being like "argent satin." His eyes are normally chartreuse, except for when he's fed on aura. He wears a long woolen coat, sturdy winter boots, tailored trousers, and gloves.


Errai appears to dislike humans, but is willing to work with the Mime Order in order to defeat Nashira. He has little patience for syndicate politics.


Errai is a star in the constellation of Cepheus, also known as the King. The name derives from the Arabic الراعي (ar-rā‘ī), meaning "the shepherd."[1] Sarin is a third-magnitude multiple star in the constellation Hercules.[2] The name may come from the Hebrew word saris meaning "officer" or "minister of state."[3]



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