Errai Sarin
Vital statistics
Full name: Errai Sarin
Status: Alive
Home: Netherworld
Species: Rephaite
Gender: Male
Height: 6'9"
Eye color: Chartreuse
Skin color: Silver
Allies: Ranthen
Enemies: Emim
Nashira Sargas
First appearance: The Mime Order

Errai Sarin is a Rephaite and a member of the Ranthen. He first appears in The Mime Order as an ally of Terebell Sheratan. Errai appears to dislike Paige Mahoney and humans in general but is willing to work with the Mime Order in order to defeat Scion and Nashira Sargas.

Physical appearance Edit

Errai is as tall as Warden and "lean as a knife". He is bald and has wide spaced eyes and the silver sarx of the Sarin family, described as being like "argent satin".

Etymology Edit

Errai (Gamma Cephei) is a binary star system approximately 45 light-years away in the constellation of Cepheus. The name derives from the Arabic الراعي (ar-rā‘ī), meaning "the shepherd"[1]

Sarin (Delta Herculis) is a third-magnitude multiple star in the constellation Hercules[2]. The name may come from the Hebrew word saris meaning "officer" or "minister of state"[3].

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