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The Emim are the purported enemies of the Rephaim. They are described by Nashira Sargas as carnivorous and bestial, with a taste for human flesh. Their existence is shrouded in mystery. Their blood can be used to mask the nature of a clairvoyant's gift. The Emim are attached to ethereal activity. The Emim make a buzzing sound, similar to flies. They enter the earthly realm through portals to æther called cold spots which are opened with the blood of Rephaim. It is almost impossible to create a spool in the presence of an Emite, as spirits flee from them.

Other Names[]

  • Emite (singular form of Emim)
  • Buzzers
  • "The Dreaded Ones"


Emim in Hebrew means "horrors" or "the terrible." The Ammonites called them "Zamzummin" which translates into "Buzzers."