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Eliza Renton (pronounced: Eh-LIE-zuh REN-tun), also known as the Martyred Muse, is a member of Jaxon Hall's clairvoyant gang, the Seven Seals. She is an automatiste, a type of medium, and makes Jaxon money by selling mime-art. She is very loyal to the Seven Seals and was the second to join after Nicklas Nygård.



Eliza was abandoned in Soho as a baby and was raised in a miserable cellar by traders in the area. She was expected to carry packages between Soho and Cheapside, a total of four miles a day despite the dangers of Vigiles and gangsters. At seventeen she secured a job at a penny gaff in the Cut, where she befriended Bea Cissé, the best actress in the area. She ended up spending all her wages on aster and flash houses.

When she got in touch with Jaxon Hall, he recognized her talent. He gave her expensive paints, a safe place to sleep, and muses beyond her wildest imagination. Jaxon doesn't often show concern for her mental well-being. He sometimes makes Eliza stay up for days at a time, skipping meals and showers, to work on her paintings. Despite his behavior towards her, Eliza is incredibly loyal to Jaxon.

The Pale Dreamer[]

Eliza has been working for Jaxon for over a year. She is a bit jealous of Paige Mahoney's addition to the gang. She arrives at their base, the White Binder's Den, with news. Jaxon's rival, Didion Waite, has been looking for valuable spirits to auction. He has found Sarah Metyard, a famous poltergeist. He hired an amateur binder to bind her, even though he himself is a binder. The hired binder messed up and now the spirit is on a rampage.

While Paige and Nick begin searching for Sarah, Eliza is assigned by Jaxon to research the poltergeist. She discovers that besides Tyburn, the location Metyard was hanged, Brunton Street is another place of importance to her as it was where she lived when she was alive. Sarah was reported to have been seen there recently.

When Paige and Nick find Sarah and Anne, they are facing off near the den. The two lure Sarah to the courtyard behind the den and try to hold her in place so Jaxon can come and bind her. Jaxon, Paige, Nick, Eliza, and Anne are battling against Sarah, trying to hold her in place. The binding isn't working. Suddenly, Paige realizes that this isn't Sarah Metyard, it's her daughter, Sarah Morgan Metyard. She tells Jaxon her realization. Just as Paige thinks holding off Sarah is going to kill her; Jaxon successfully completes the binding. Anne returns to her haunt, while the Seals return to the den to recover. Sarah is now bound to Jaxon and enters the den as well, no longer on a rampage.

After falling asleep, Paige is woken by Eliza who takes her to the neighboring cookshop known as Chateline's. Paige thinks Jaxon is going to let her go, but Nick and Eliza assure her that he won't. Eliza tells her that everyone, including Jaxon, was impressed that Paige was able to hold back Sarah on her own, while they can only repel spirits with spools. Eliza also explains that Jaxon had a strong suspicion that the two spirits would confront each other at West Street, but he wanted to test Paige by seeing if she could work it out herself. He was delighted when she did. Eliza and Nick invite Paige to join their tradition of getting breakfast for supper ever Friday at Chateline’s.

The Bone Season[]

Eliza is mentioned in Paige's flashbacks to her time in London. They get along well. Eliza was the only member of the Seven Seals that did not come to Sheol I, as she was chosen to guard the hideout at the Dials.

The Mime Order[]

At first Eliza is not sure about moving against the Rephaim and Scion. She wants everyone to keep their heads down and then they will never be sent to a Bone Season. She's afraid because she's never known anything but the syndicate. Keeping the Seven Seals together is more important to her than anything.

When Jaxon announces to the Seals that he will be participating in the scrimmage, Eliza is immediately supportive of him.

After winning the scrimmage, Paige names Eliza as one of her mollishers.

The Song Rising[]

While in Manchester, Eliza sleeps with Hari Maxwell.

When Paige is forced to flee England, Eliza rules in the Underqueen's stead, along with the Glym Lord.

The Mask Falling[]

Eliza remains in London. After Warden's supposed betrayal, Paige sends Nadine Arnett and Zeke Sáenz to warn Eliza and the Mime Order of the situation.

Physical Description[]

Eliza has light green eyes and olive skin. She is 5"5'. She wears multiple rings. Eliza has golden hair worn in ringlets down her back.


Eliza hates to be underestimated. While she was very loyal to Jaxon, Paige made her see that he was just like the dealers who used her as their runner. She saw that Paige wanted justice for everyone with an aura, not just those considered superior. She is brave, loyal, and caring. Eliza is street-smart but absentminded. She is a dressmaker and an artist. Being possessed always puts her in a foul mood because she is riddled with tics and spasms. She has always respected Paige and her position as mollisher. She can assert herself when necessary. For example, when Nadine demeans how physically taxing being possessed by a spirit is, Eliza retorts that even amaurotics can busk.


Eliza is a shortened form of Elizabeth, meaning "my God is an oath" or "my God is abundance."[1] Renton is a Scottish surname that comes from the place of the same name.[2]


  • Pieter Claesz is her favorite art muse.
  • It is suggested that Eliza occasionally has no-strings-attached sex in order to relieve stress.



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