Eliza Renton
Eliza, Leiana
The Martyred Muse
Vital statistics
Full name: Eliza Renton
Status: Alive
Born: 15th June 2036
Age: 23
Residence: Seven Dials, I-4
Barbican, I-5
Home: Cheapside, Scion Citadel of London
Species: Human
Clairvoyance type: Trance medium: Automatiste
Gender: Female
Eye color: Green
Skin color: Olive
Organization: The Seven Seals
Allies: The Seven Seals
Enemies: The Devil's Acre
Allegiance: The Seven Seals
First appearance: The Bone Season

Eliza Renton (15th June 2036 –), also known as the Martyred Muse, is a member of Jaxon Hall's clairvoyant gang, the Seven Seals. She is an automatiste, a type of medium and makes Jaxon money by selling mime-art. She is very loyal to the Seven Seals and was the second to join after Nicklas Nygård.



Eliza was abandoned in Soho as a baby and was raised by traders in the area. She was expected to carry packages between Soho and Cheapside, a total of four miles a day despite the dangers of Vigiles and gangsters. At seventeen she secured a job at a penny gaff in the Cut, where she befriended Bea Cissé, the best actress in the area. At some point after that she joined the Seven Seals.

Physical descriptionEdit


  • Eliza is a shortened form of Elizabeth, meaning "my God is an oath" or "my God is abundance".[1]
  • Renton is a Scottish surname that comes from the place of the same name.[2]