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Dreamwalkers are a type of jumper that are able to affect the æther outside their own physical limits. They also have a greater sensitivity to the æther. A dreamwalker can jump into the dreamscape of other clairvoyants, which is a very rare quality; this is why dreamwalkers are considered very valuable. They are also called a spirit walker.


Jaxon Hall was driven to have Paige Mahoney as one of the Seven Seals, and Nashira Sargas wanted to possess Paige's dreamwalker powers, but she failed in obtaining them.[1] The silver cord is particularly important to dreamwalkers because they use the cord to leave their bodies temporarily. Dreamwalking is an out-of-body experience. Key to the dreamwalker's ability is her flexible silver cord. It is so flexible that it allows her to walk through every zone of the dreamscape unharmed, and without causing lasting damage to her sanity. Dreamwalkers risk their own body dying the longer they are away from it. They can also commit psychic attacks by breaking into someone's halal zone, the deepest ring of the mind. The act of leaving his or her dreamscape might be called dislocation. They then take on a pure spirit form, allowing them wander in the æther and in other dreamscapes. The dreamwalker can possess the bodies of there people and animals.

Known Dreamwalkers[]


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