"Everyone has a dreamscape, you see. An illusion of safety, a kind of locus amoenus. You understand. Voyants have coloured dreamscapes. The rest have black-and-white ones. They see their dreamscapes when they dream. Amaurotics, consequently, dream in monochrome."
Jaxon Hall to Paige Mahoney.[src]
Poppy field

Paige's sunlit zone consists of red poppy flowers.

A dreamscape is the interior of the mind where memories are stored. Every living, animated thing has a dreamscape. Dreamscapes are split into five zones or "rings" of sanity: sunlight, twilight, midnight, lower midnight, and hadal. The dreamscape is a peaceful and idyllic place, usually a garden, lawn, or woodland, where safety or comfort can be found. Dreamscapes can take any form, from fields and lakes to rooms, libraries, and alleys—but only clairvoyants have colour in their dreamscapes.[1]

Clairvoyants can consciously access their own dreamscapes while amaurotics may catch glimpses when they sleep.