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Didion Waite is the auctioneer at the Juditheon, author of multiple books of poetry, and a member of the syndicate. He is a binder. Didion is considered the poet of the underworld and is Jaxon Hall's long-standing and bitter rival.



Didion lives in Cheapside, also known as I-5, which is mime-queen Ognena Maria's territory. They have a complicated relationship because his auction house, the Juditheon, is in her section but she gets nothing from it. Didion was granted immunity from the syndicate tax by the Underlord, Haymarket Hector. Before Didion, it was unheard of for anyone to auction spirits, they were just owned by whoever ruled the section they dwelled it. Didion discovered that organizing a bidding could make a lot of money. He also came up with the idea to steal spirits from other sections to auction, which is illegal. But Hector doesn't do anything about it so long as he gets his cut.

The Pale Dreamer[]

Didion has been looking for valuable spirits to auction. He finds a poltergeist named Sarah Metyard, and hires an amateur binder to bind him, despite the fact that he himself is a binder. The hired binder fails to capture her, and now the spirit is on a rampage. Nick Nygård believes she is after the spirit of Anne Naylor, the teenage girl she murdered.

Upon learning about Didion's actions, Jaxon calls Didion and blackmails him into allowing the Seven Seals to bind Sarah Metyard and claim her, as well as the right to bind Anne Naylor. Didion reluctantly and angrily agrees in order to avoid being reported to Hector, who as Underlord, would most likely kill him for breaking syndicate law.

When Nick and Paige Mahoney arrive in I-5, Didion tells Nick what he's learned about Sarah and her location. He's discovered that Metyard was seen at the site of Tyburn, which is the location of her hanging for murdering Anne.

The Mime Order[]

During Paige's first auction back as Jaxon's mollisher, Didion outs Paige's real identity to everyone at the auction. She is furious.

Didion attempts to join the Unnatural Assembly meeting that is held after the murder of Hector, but is turned away as he is not a mime-lord or mollisher.

Didion is present at the scrimmage to determine the next ruler of the syndicate. When the Rephaim arrive at the scrimmage, Didion doesn't buy their existence, saying they are just in costumes.

The Song Rising[]

Coming soon...

Physical Description[]

Didion is a "short whisperer of a man with heavy jowls."[1] His clothes look like genuine eighteenth-century garments, complete with hose and powdered wig. He has a thick-nosed, grating voice.


Didion is obsessed with etiquette and likes punctuality. He is a coward and never does a hands-on job if someone else can do it for him.


  • Didion names every muse after his late wife Judith. His auction house is also named after her.
  • His first anonymous poetry chapbook was Love at First Sight; or, the Seer's Delight.



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