Danica Panić
Danica, Leiana
The Chained Fury
Vital statistics
Full name: Danica Panić
Status: Alive
Born: 3rd March 2037
Age: 22
Residence: I Cohort, Section 3
I Cohort, Section 4
Home: Scion Citadel of Belgrade, Serbia
Nickname: Dani
Species: Human
Occupation: Syndie; inventor
Clairvoyance type: Fury
Gender: Female
Hair color: Reddish-brown
Eye color: Hazel
Distinctive feature/s: Scarred arms
Organization: The Seven Seals
Allies: The Seven Seals
Enemies: The Devil's Acre
Allegiance: The Seven Seals
First appearance: The Bone Season

Danica "Dani" Panić (3rd March 2037) also known as The Chained Fury, is a member of Jaxon Hall's clairvoyant gang, The Seven Seals. She is an engineer at SciSORS, and is said to be second only to Jaxon in intellect.

Danica is an incredibly skilled engineer, having manafactured Paiges oxygen tank, and mask for the scrimmage.

Physical descriptionEdit

Danica has crimped, reddish hair and usually wears it in a low bun. Her arms pitted with scars and burns. She is described as being solid as a brick.

She also has a soft spot for waistcoats.