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Chelsea Neves, better known as Cutmouth, is Haymarket Hector's mollisher and the mollisher supreme of the Scion Citadel of London. She is a haematomancer, a type of vile augur that uses blood as their numen.



Cutmouth grew up on Jacob's Island with Ivy Jacob. They escaped and began working in the syndicate. At some point, Cutmouth joined Hector's gang, the Underbodies, and becomes his mollisher and the mollisher supreme. Although she thinks the best of Hector and is completely loyal, he mutilates her face with one of his knives, leaving her with a distinctive scar and the nickname "Cutmouth."

The Pale Dreamer[]

As Nick Nygård and Paige Mahoney arrive at Farringdon station looking for the poltergeists Sarah Metyard and Anne Naylor, they are confronted by Hector and his gang. Hector wants to "welcome" Paige to the syndicate by beating her up. As the two sides begin fighting, they disturb Anne. Her sudden appearance allows Nick and Paige the chance to escape.

The Bone Season[]

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The Mime Order[]

Hector, Cutmouth, and the Underbodies come across Paige in the street. Cutmouth begins to beat Paige. When Hector decides to let Paige go, Cutmouth begins complaining that she didn't get to cut up Paige. Hector slaps her across the face. She is forced to ask for his forgiveness. He wraps an arm around her waist and leads the gang away.

Paige runs into Cutmouth at the black market. She asks her if Hector really doesn't care about anything Scion is doing. Cutmouth is uninterested in what Paige has to say, in denial about the danger. Cutmouth asks Paige where Ivy Jacob is hiding. Paige is shocked that Cutmouth knows who she is and why she thinks Paige would know her location. When Paige refuses to tell her, Cutmouth attacks her and manages to get her blood to use as her numen. Paige's spirit immediately attacks her. Paige manages to knock the vial of her blood out of Cutmouth's hand and they go their separate ways.

After Hector and his gang are found murdered, Cutmouth disappears. Many believe that she is the murderer, but Paige discovers the truth, that she is innocent. Cutmouth returned to Jacob's Island to hide. Cutmouth is murdered while in hiding by the Abbess because Cutmouth is the true heir to the syndicate's throne and the Abbess wants it for herself.

Physical Description[]

Cutmouth is tall and a couple years older than Paige. Her face is sallow and delicate, but lined with cruelty. Her hair is the deepest rose-red and comes down to her waist. Her eyes are a deceptively soft brown. Her mouth is tugged into a permanent snarl, the result of an S-shaped scar that slashes through both her lips. She wears knives around her hips.


While she is only one or two years older than Paige, she is already just as cruel as Hector. She is appears completely devoted to Hector. However, Ivy reveals to Paige that she actually hates and despises him. Her dreamscape is an empty shipyard with light at the center and darkness at the edges. Rotten boats float on greenish water.