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Catrin Attard is the younger sister of Roberta Attard, the Scuttling Queen of the Scion Citadel of Manchester. She assists Paige Mahoney when she arrived in Manchester in pursuit of Senshield. Catrin is a capnomancer, someone who uses smoke as her numen.


The Song Rising[]

Catrin has a contact in the Night Vigilance Division, Major Arcana, who is also her lover.

Roberta is killed by her sister Catrin. After the raid on the factory and the murder of Emlyn Price, Roberta confronted Catrin and the two ended up fighting for leadership of the Scuttlers. Paige knows that Roberta's murder would have been brutal and public so that Catrin could prove that she was the one their father should have chosen as leader.

Physical Description[]

Catrin's skin is tinged with gray and she has flux lips. A down of dark brown hair covers her scalp, short enough to expose a small tattoo of an eye on her nape. A tress of scar tissue stretches from her hairline almost to her jaw, obliterating her left eye and hardening what had once been delicate features.


Catrin is a firebrand and a warmonger. As Scuttling Queen, she will prepare the voyant community of Manchester to take action against Scion.