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Aura is a luminous field of energy surrounding clairvoyants. It is a clairvoyant individual's personal link to the æther, or the means by which they tune in to the spirit world. It is also what identifies someone as clairvoyant.


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Aura is understood to be a biological phenomenon. Aura does not manifest in any one way. It can be bright or dim, fast-moving or slow, small or large. It is created by color shining through an individual's dreamscape and is visible only to those who are sighted but can also be sensed by voyants like Paige Mahoney who have a heightened sixth sense. A voyant's aura can be observed to discover which type of connection to the æther they have, but some auras look very similar, like an oracle's and a dreamwalker's. A person's dreamscape tends to have the same dominant color as their aura.[1]


In Latin and Ancient Greek, aura means wind, breeze or breath. It was used in Middle English to mean "gentle breeze."[2]