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Antoinette Carter (pronounced: An-twugh-NET CAR-tuh) is an Irish voyant and celebrity sought by Jaxon Hall and Nashira Sargas. Her ability is unknown. It's possible that she is a sibyl, though this is unconfirmed.


The Bone Season[]

Antoinette was once a famous TV personality before she went into hiding from Scion. Jaxon Hall arranged to meet with her in Trafalgar Square, but the meeting was interrupted by the Rephaim, who wanted to capture both Jaxon and Antionette. Both were able to escape.

The Mime Order[]

After Paige returns to the Seven Seals, she asks Jaxon why he was meeting with Antoinette. He tells her that he had come across some old recordings of her performances and was interested in studying her gift. He managed to contact her, but because of the Rephaim's interference, he never got to actually meet with her.

Physical Description[]

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