"An Ember Morning" was a song composed by the Irish people who escaped the Molly Riots of 2046. It was a song sung at the end of the riots to mourn the dead. Although Irish music was forbidden in Scion, especially Irish rebel music, Paige Mahoney sang it when Ezekiel Sáenz requested her to sing it in a buck cab after learning Paige was really Irish. Paige sang the first part of the song before cutting herself off after remembering her grandmother singing it for her cousin, Finn McCarthy, at his memorial service after he died in the Molly Riots. When exiting the cab, the driver handed Paige a note coin back, "for the pretty song." Paige left it on the seat, however, as she "wouldn't accept money for a memory."


My love, it was an ember morning
When October was a-dawning.
Fire cried on the honey meadow.
Come, ghost of the vale,
I am standing in the ashes, where you roam.
Erin waits to bring you home.

My heart, I saw a flame upon the sky
When October's bitter morn was nigh.
Smoke choked the honey meadow.
Hark, spirit of the south,
I am waiting near the cloven tree,
Now Ireland's heart is broken by the sea.