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Amaranth is the only flower that grows in the Netherworld. It has several medicinal uses for both humans and Rephaim.


Amaranth's name means "unfading." It has eight petals, and its essence can be used to heal or alleviate pain caused by spiritual injuries. For example, it can be used on poltergeist scars or a damaged dreamscape. The amaranth is also the basis for the name of the Ranthen, and is used as their symbol.


  • Nashira Sargas gives Warden doses of amaranth as an incentive to remain at her side as it eases the pain from the scars he received as a punishment for Bone Season XVIII.
  • Warden gives Liss Rymore amaranth to help revive her after her tarot cards, her connection to the æther, were burned.
  • Warden also leaves a small vial of amaranth in Paige Mahoney's backpack after she escapes Sheol I. She later uses it to remove the incriminating mark of The London Monster.