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Aludra Chertan (pronounced: Ah-LOO-dra KER-tan) is a Rephaim in Sheol I who is the keeper of the harlies.


The Bone Season[]

Aludra is the keeper of Julian Amesbury, Felix Coombs, and Ella. She feeds on Felix's aura on his first day in Sheol I. On their way to the train during the revolt, Paige and Nick are forced to fight off several Rephs, including Aludra, who is attacked by an Emite just when she has Nick in her grasp.

Physical Description[]

Aludra is very tall with pale hair. Like all Rephaim, she is very tall with chartreuse eyes, except for when she's fed on aura.


Aludra is vicious.


  • Aludra is a star in Canis Major, the Greater Dog.