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Alsafi Sualocin (pronounced: Al-SAH-fee Swah-LO-sin) is one of Nashira's trusted Rephaim. He is revealed to be an ally of the Ranthen.


The Bone Season[]

During the revolt, Alsafi is revealed to be an ally of the Ranthen.

The Mime Order[]

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The Song Rising[]

Alsafi is a Ranthen spy in the Archon and becomes indispensable to the survival of the Mime Order. He brings power to the crisis facility where the syndicate goes into hiding and enables the transport of Paige and her Senshield search party between citadels.

He sacrifices himself to Nashira to allow Paige to escape the Archon. His last words to Paige are, "Tell Arcturus I hope this redeems me." After an intense sword fight between him and Nashira, she beheads him.

Physical Description[]

Alsafi is incredibly tall with chartreuse eyes, except for when he's fed on aura, then they are green.


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  • Alsafi is a star in the constellation Draco, the Dragon.